Cookies policy

Figame uses cookies to improve visitor experience. Cookies are a small data packet that contains an identification code and is sent from the server to the browser and the browser is forwarded to the server without modification with any communication. Cookies can not transmit viruses or provide access to the users hard disk.

In particular, cookies are used to help Figame understand how users interact with the Website by providing information about how to navigate within the site. This helps us to operate the Website efficiently and also to effectively deliver services through the site. The data recorded does not directly identify users and all data is collected anonymously for only one week and then deleted.

In particular, through the cookies used by Figame, the IP address & user agent information can be collected.

Figame can not verify the identity of the user from information collected through cookies when browsing its website. Cookies do not store elements that can personalize the user, but personal information stored on the site and relating to users / visitors may be linked to the information that is stored and can be obtained from cookies if they make a purchase tickets / registration on the site. The user may choose to disable / suspend or enable the cookie function, in whole or in part, by modifying the settings in his browser. Depending on the type of browser you are using, you can follow the links below with instructions for managing cookies:

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However, if a user opts to disable / disable the use of all or some of the cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the site, the site's performance will be affected and may limit the access of the user to the content of the site. Figame will not be liable to the user for this reason.

The user can delete cookies stored in his / her equipment. However, deleting them may adversely affect the functionality / performance of the site and therefore it is not possible to provide services to the user. The user understands and agrees that Figame will not be liable to the user for this reason.

Every user is asked when he visits the site to accept the use of Cookies in accordance with this policy. By using the site, by accepting this policy, the user accepts the use of cookies on the part of the site in accordance with the terms of this policy.